Use Case - Financial Services

Orchestrating 1 Million+ Jobs Daily for the World's Largest Financial Exchange

Customer since 2002 – This Fortune 500 company connects the largest community of participants in all major markets at key phases of the investing, trading, hedging and capital raising lifecycle



Very high volume of data demanding accuracy, reliability and availability


Disparate industry-specific trading and proprietary applications to be managed and integrated


Frequent customized, detailed reports needed


The company required a workload automation solution capable of managing large volumes of data accurately and reliably with high availability. Flexibility to integrate easily and seamlessly with a wide variety of industry-specific and proprietary applications and standard business technologies was essential.

The ability to consistently achieve SLAs was critical, including initiate the trading application at the opening and close of business daily, manage and move data in compliance with strict government regulations, and produce accurate, detailed reporting for customers and regulators.

Results With Tidal

Execute more than one million jobs every day

Flawlessly automate all data movement, system/database monitoring and maintenance jobs, and all (10,000+) servers

Deliver tailored, in-depth reports to customers and regulators

Easily integrate custom applications and technologies