Integrations for Developers

Accelerate CI/CD processes with Tidal capabilities

Empower Developers

The toolset for developers continues to expand in support of the latest technologies and trends. The result is a set of separate point solutions, often with their own embedded schedulers.

With Tidal, you can unify DevOps and IT automation initiatives. Developers are empowered with tools that support the DevOps lifecycle while IT maintains centralized management and control of enterprise workflows.


  • Free up developer time for higher value activities
  • Centralize management of end-to-end business processes
  • Leverage more robust scheduling functionality than what is available in native schedulers
  • Integrate with CI/CD processes to accelerate application and schedule updates

Leverage our pre-built integrations for popular developer tools and applications.

Or use a variety of tools we have available to easily integrate Tidal with your own applications and other systems.