Ramp up quickly with self-paced or instructor-led training programs

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Tidal Automation is a robust workload automation platform that is valued for its ease of use. Intuitive, user-friendly features translate to a lower learning curve and faster adoption for your team. We’ve developed training to help users quickly ramp up and begin using Tidal to create and manage complex workflows. Self-paced modules and instructor-led sessions are available to meet the needs of your learners and organization.

Option 1

Self-paced Training

Customers can access self-paced modules on demand at no charge from our Support Portal. Users often begin with our “Fast Start” module that covers the fundamentals of the Tidal Automation platform like architecture, platform components, basics of scheduling and job definitions, and commonly used Tidal features.

Each module can be consumed in one session or you can choose to focus on individual topics in bite-sized sessions, depending on your schedule and learning style. And it’s easy to return to topics to refresh or reinforce your Tidal skills. New training is added regularly to cover new features and integrations.

There is also a variety of role-based modules for:
  • Tidal Operators
  • Tidal Job Designers
  • Tidal Administrators
  • Application Developers
In addition to training for our core platform, self-paced modules cover other Tidal products:
  • Tidal Explorer
  • Tidal Repository
  • Many of our technology integrations such as adapters for ServiceNow, JD Edwards Orchestrator, Web Services, and Various SAP technologies

Option 2

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led sessions are delivered by our partners virtually or onsite. Your team enjoys a uniform learning experience and benefits from hands-on knowledge transfer from a partner with deep Tidal expertise. These courses can also be tailored to your environment and applications.

These sessions are priced as part of implementation fees based on your organization’s training needs.

Tidal is really easy to use and pick up, but it’s also really powerful in the flexibility that it has.