Get up & running in weeks, not months

Our Approach



  • Get a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with Tidal – which applications and processes you want to automate as well as key activities and job types
  • Assess the physical/virtual infrastructure available or required for running Tidal on-prem
  • Develop detailed Statement of Work (SOW)
  • 02


  • Review SOW and modify as needed
  • Assign responsibilities and dates
  • Agree to overall approach
  • 03


  • Verify the resources for Tidal on-prem
  • Ensure physical and/or virtual resources have the right capacity, memory, CPU, permissions, etc.
  • Determine the accounts Tidal will use to access your applications and systems (the scheduling targets)
  • 04


  • Install Tidal components: Master, adapters, agents, etc.
  • Establish connections with targets
  • Test job samples
  • 05


  • Provide hands-on training for: Administrators, Schedulers, Operators
  • Review the Tidal Support Portal features and resources
  • 06


  • Support users in job and schedule definition
  • Advise on scheduling best practices and optimization
  • Exceptional Support

    After you’re up and running, we’ll still be here to help. Our Technical Support team provides 24/7/365 support for Production issues – and you’ll be impressed with our guaranteed response times. A few months after implementation, we’ll schedule a follow up with you to review your jobs and schedules and identify opportunities for efficiency and use of advanced Tidal features.

    Conversions require a more tailored approach and may take a bit more time depending on the scope and scale of the deployment of the current scheduling solution.