SAP® Job Scheduler Integrations

Cloud-based job scheduling optimization for the SAP solution set

Go Beyond Built-In SAP capabilities

Do away with the limitations of SAP process automation and orchestrate complex automation across disparate applications, platforms, and processes. Tidal offers 60+ pre-built integrations to ensure your applications and systems connect seamlessly to Tidal Automation.

  • Centralize management of complex workloads across SAP and other enterprise systems, applications and infrastructure
  • Orchestrate scheduling tools across applications and across environments
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities and increased visibility through a single, integrated view across enterprise-wide SAP and non-SAP jobs and workload activities
  • Coordinate process chains across your SAP ERP
  • Automate and orchestrate SAP tasks through our connector, which offers a bi-directional interface

Easily integrate into your workload automation environment with our API or CLI. Tidal’s scheduling functionality helps you avoid custom development, scripting, or manual effort

Optimize Business Processes and Manage Jobs With Tidal’s Unified Platform

The Tidal platform provides the ultimate flexibility with on-prem and cloud event-based workload automation solutions. Our platform can help any company in any industry modernize workload automation and drive digital transformation with the capabilities you need.

  • Manage process dependencies and resolve issues to meet or exceed service level agreements for SAP business processes and business applications
  • Receive real-time monitoring and alerting if jobs are at risk or have missed SLAs so you can take immediate action
  • Capture detailed information about start time, end time, duration, status, and errors in Tidal job logs. Information also includes intermediate data produced during job execution and job inputs and outputs
  • Automate and manage your workflows more effectively with Tidal’s powerful process scheduling capabilities
  • Schedule and execute background jobs like file transfers, batch processing, and report generation across your SAP system and other platforms
  • Leverage Tidal’s range of pre-built job scheduling templates to quickly set up job schedules and workflows. Templates can be easily customized to meet specific organizational needs

Efficiently distribute resources and workloads across on-premise and cloud-based resources with Tidal’s load balancing capabilities

Tidal can orchestrate SAP workflows whether they're running on-prem or in the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I expand the capabilities of my SAP Job Scheduler?

    Expand your SAP Job Scheduler capabilties with a platform-agnostic, cloud-based workload automation platform that integrates with any system or application across your ERP ecosystem. Job scheduling services like Tidal enable you to manage jobs and dependencies not just across SAP, but across your enterprise platforms. Tida’s job processing allows teams to execute jobs and workflows across their IT system and applications and execute them with minimal manual effort or intervention.

    Discover the modern capabilities of Tidal’s automate-anything, run-anywhere platform.

  • How do I manage SAPjob schedules in Tidal?

    Tidal offers a modern, user-friendly web-based interface for managing and monitoring job schedules, processes, and workflows. The interface includes powerful search and filter capabilities, real-time performance monitoring, and customizable dashboards and reports. The user interface is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The best part? You can monitor not only SAP jobs but jobs across your entire organization.

    See how Tidal Explorer enables visualization for complex schedules.

  • How does Tidal integrate with SAP in a cloud-based environment?

    Tidal provides a range of connectors and integration options for integrating with SAP systems, including those that run in cloud-based environments like Cloud Foundry. Integrating with SAP and Cloud Foundry enables organizations to automate, orchestrate, and manage SAP tasks and workflows in a flexible and scalable cloud environment.

    Explore Tidal’s 60+ pre-built integrations.

  • What is the difference between Tidal and Redwood RunMyJobs?

    Tidal works especially well with large enterprises and organizations with complex IT environments. Tidal and Redwood both offer powerful job scheduling and automatic capabilities, though Tidal is known for its advanced process automation capabilities, while Redwood is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

    Check out the Tidal Repository for administrators and developers.