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Predictable Pricing, No Surprises

We offer a variety of pricing models for optimal flexibility – choose the model that’s most cost-effective for your environment. Pricing is predictable so you’re not surprised with major price increases at renewal time. And you never pay extra to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of the platform.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our solution includes built-in advanced functionality that other providers price as add-on products. Additionally, we offer licenses for non-Production instances at half the cost of Production to support best practices for multiple instances of Tidal – such as Development, QA and Production – to align with CI/CD processes.

Our Flexible Pricing Models



Pricing is determined by the number of unique job definitions in Tidal plus a license for the Tidal Master(s). An unlimited number of agents and adapters for integrations can be deployed in this model.



A license is priced for each component – Tidal Master, agents and adapters. An unlimited number of job definitions can be used in this model.


Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

This is typically a three-year agreement with a license for the Tidal Master along with unlimited agents, adapters and jobs. At the end of the term, we either issue a perpetual license for products installed during that period with no additional fees required (except for ongoing maintenance), or we define a new ELA with the customer.


Hybrid ELA

This option works best for customer environments where certain required components may number in the hundreds (or even thousands) while other components may be one or two. The hybrid ELA offers the same benefits of the ELA for large quantity items while keeping the cost down for items with limited quantities.

All of these options require maintenance agreements to be in place for ongoing support and upgrades. Maintenance agreements are typically a percentage of the licensing costs.