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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation

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Tidal CustomerFIRST™

Tidal Customer First LogoTidal CustomerFIRST™ is a unique approach to automation that offers an integrated portfolio of solutions and services and a way of doing business that puts YOU at the center of the automation universe.

Nothing is more important than you, our customer – your needs, aspirations, and vision about what workload automation can mean to the enterprise.

Responsive, interactive, and personalized.  Our industry-leading CustomerFIRST services and programs include Tidal Premium Support and the Tidal StepUp™ program.


Tidal Premium Support

Automation is what we are and what we’ve been for 35+ years. You’ll feel the Tidal difference in our Premium Support Services. Example? Customers can get direct access to an expert technical engineer 24 hours a day. No delays. No runarounds.

We offer multiple levels of support so you can choose the one that works best for you, with options like a dedicated engineer for your account, on-site engineering assistance, and frequent case reviews to help you optimize your Tidal environment.

Roadmap & Product Updates

We’ll update you regularly on the roadmap to make sure you can plan your enhancements, execute your upgrades, and add pre-built integrations with confidence and predictability. Roadmap updates can be available to you via webinars, email announcements, personal 1:1 meetings, and local Tidal user groups where you can meet our product team in person.

Open communication that puts you FIRST!

Tidal User Groups

Local Tidal User Groups bring you together with your colleagues in lively, interactive sessions attended personally by the Tidal product team and certified partners.

Tidal Customer Portal

Stay up-to-date! The Tidal Customer Portal providing technical support, forums, news and upcoming events, and other vital product updates.

Tidal Customer Webinar Series

We’ll come to you! The Tidal Customer Webinar Series brings important information about product roadmaps, technical topics, and use cases right to your screen. Our webinar schedule is regularly updated on the Customer Portal. Watch from anywhere!

Voice of the Customer Meetings

These are convenient, casual 1:1 meetings with your team to drill down into your specific needs and make sure we understand your exact expectations.. Schedule a Voice of the Customer session at your convenience via the Customer Portal.