Migrate from an existing scheduling solution to Tidal

Proven Success

We have proven success with replacing competitive products in customer environments:




Implementation Principles


Like-for-like migration … to start

As excited as we are to get you using all of Tidal’s great functionality, it’s best to start with migrating your currently automated processes with similar Tidal features.


Phased cutover

Big Bang conversions can be risky and, typically, aren’t necessary. Our approach moves jobs into Production as groups of applications or related processes.


Focused training

Tidal provides awesome capabilities but you probably don’t need to learn them all at once. Our training will focus first on replacing the features you are familiar with in your legacy tool, then show you how to use Tidal to optimize and streamline your activities.


Integral program management

These conversion efforts often involve many groups and individuals from your organization. We provide a dedicated program manager to supplement your PMO resources to ensure the project is successful.


Iterative execution

These journeys take place one step at a time. Our framework incorporates feedback and learning at each step and allows for adjustment if a better way forward is identified.

Implementation Framework

program management


Define and document:

  • Program management structure and processes
  • Detailed technical design for Tidal servers, agents and integrations
  • Mapping, prioritization and migration phase for all current schedule elements


  • Build Tidal servers for Prod, QA and Dev
  • Convert, test and move schedules to prod
  • Tune Tidal system and schedules

There may be multiple phases of migration (e.g., by groupings of applications, parts of the organization or other phased approach)


  • Provide hands-on training to staff responsible for Tidal Operations, Scheduling and Administration
  • Implement best practices with Tidal

Program management spans the entire process to effectively coordinate customer and Tidal activities, address issues and make changes to plans as needed.


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