Adapter for IBM Cognos®

Optimize scheduling for BI and analytics activities

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Define, launch and monitor Cognos activities within overall business processes

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Integrate Cognos workflows with other enterprise data applications

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to BI processes

About the IBM Cognos Adapter

Integrating IBM Cognos with the Tidal platform simplifies scheduling, management and monitoring of BI workflows regardless of the number of dependencies, systems and applications involved. You can define, launch and track Cognos tasks and then Tidal manages the moving parts of BI processes in the right order to deliver results at the right time to the right person.

Our adapter works through the IBM Cognos APIs to take control of the activities in the embedded scheduler. Those scheduling tasks are then seamlessly managed in the Tidal Automation platform with more advanced scheduling functionality than what’s available in the native scheduler. Additionally, you can define cross-application dependencies and triggers. You benefit from centralized control and visibility of Cognos BI, reporting and analytics processes.

Tidal can orchestrate IBM Cognos workflows whether they're running on-prem or in the cloud.