Adapter for AWS

Optimize scheduling for AWS workflows

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Manage consumption of AWS cloud resources with Tidal jobs

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Integrate AWS activities and services in overall business processes

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Execute AWS Lambda jobs from the Tidal Automation interface

Scheduling for AWS

The native AWS scheduler (AWS Batch) manages basic batch jobs only within the boundaries of the AWS cloud. With our adapter, Tidal replaces AWS Batch, provides more scheduling functionality and integrates AWS activities in your enterprise processes.

Manage Cloud Resources More Efficiently

Use Tidal jobs to bring AWS resources online when you are ready to run jobs in your cloud instance and take them down when you’re not so you’re only paying for them when you actually need them.

  • Create and destroy cloud instances
  • Start and stop instances
  • Suspend and restart instances
  • Copy Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes

Apply More Advanced Scheduling Functionality

The integration provides functionality of the AWS scheduler, including execution of Lambda jobs which makes it easier to integrate these functions into processes for other servers.

Plus, our platform offers more advanced scheduling functionality for AWS tasks to move beyond basic batch scheduling:

  • Use event-based scheduling in addition to batch
  • Define scheduling dependencies between AWS and other processes
  • Apply local, business and financial calendars to control when jobs run
  • Leverage graphical views of schedules
  • Centralize change management for schedules

AWS integrations

Integrate Tidal With AWS Services

Our adapter for AWS also provides integration with popular AWS services – Tidal fits seamlessly into the AWS services that your processes are using. Our platform uses AWS identity management to access and work with:

  • AWS Work Mail
  • Simple Email Service
  • Simple Notification Service
  • Directory Services
  • AWS Access Keys
Tidal for AWS


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