Adapter for Salesforce®

Optimize workload automation and job scheduling Salesforce tasks

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Integrate Salesforce scheduling activities within overall business processes

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to Salesforce tasks

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Meet SLAs for business-critical processes

Improve CRM Task Scheduling

Tidal’s pre-built adapter for Salesforce integrates your CRM scheduling tasks in the Tidal platform with no scripting required. Our adapter works through the Salesforce API to take control of the activities in the Batch Apex scheduler. Those scheduling tasks are then seamlessly managed in Tidal Automation with more advanced scheduling functionality than what’s available in the native scheduler.

Batch Apex Jobs

Batch class is used in Salesforce to run millions of jobs that would exceed normal processing limits. Jobs are placed in the Salesforce Apex job queue. Tidal executes these jobs to stay within limits of the Salesforce platform.

  • Define, schedule and monitor Apex jobs
  • Cancel, hold and resume jobs

Apex Flex Queue Configuration

The Flex queue is a working area for up to 100 jobs. Jobs  are taken out of the regular Apex queue and placed on hold in the Flex queue. Through the Tidal UI, you can edit, reschedule and resequence these jobs and put them back into the Apex queue – no need to go into the Flex queue to perform those tasks.

Bulk Data Load Jobs

These jobs are used to perform an operation (query, insert, update, delete, etc.) on a specified Salesforce object for a large number of records. The operation is performed asynchronously by running it in batches against the records.

  • Define Bulk Data Load jobs
  • Schedule, control and monitor these jobs
  • Use Data Mover to transfer data between Salesforce and your other systems

Reports and Dashboards

  • Use Tidal jobs to run reports and dashboards
  • Specify recipients to receive them by email
  • Define format of the output