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Adapter for SAP BOBI

Automate BOBI reporting tasks

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Deliver reporting data to the right place at the right time

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View reporting status changes in real time

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Apply more advanced scheduling functionality

Streamline SAP Reporting

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BOBI) is a centralized suite for data reporting, visualization and sharing. The Tidal adapter takes control of the job scheduling service in the BOBI platform and manages those activities within Tidal Automation. Your BOBI reporting and analytics can then be tied to overall business processes.

Whether you’re running hundreds or thousands of reports, Tidal efficiently manages the scheduling of those reports. You can also improve resource management by using Agent Lists in Tidal to specify the pool of servers to use to run your BOBI reports.

  • Define jobs for Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Publishing and Program objects
  • Use events to trigger actions, such as send an email notification when a new report is available
  • Cancel, hold/resume, abort and re-run BOBI jobs in Tidal
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