Adapters for SSH & Web Services

Integrate other processes into enterprise workflows

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Embed Tidal directly in other processes and targets

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Leverage Tidal’s advanced scheduling functionality in new targets

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Avoid custom development and manual scheduling efforts

Build New Integrations

Even though we offer a comprehensive set of pre-built integrations, there may be cases when you need to include processes associated with your own applications or other systems into your workflows.

Our adapters for SSH and Web Services enable you to easily integrate these targets into your workload automation environment. The adapters reside on the Tidal Master so that our platform can manage scheduling activities in your target processes.

Take advantage of Tidal’s scheduling functionality in unique targets and avoid custom development, scripting or manual efforts.




If your target has a shell, our platform can access it through this adapter. Use Tidal jobs to securely run commands through the CLI on the target and get the return codes of the commands back to Tidal. SSH calls are initiated based on variables you define in Tidal for what actions should occur and when.


Web Services

Through this adapter, Tidal securely makes REST API requests to the target. Tidal constructs the Web Service call, makes the call and monitors the call for results that are returned to Tidal. The integration provides access to a broad set of Tidal functions – all of the parameters you can fit in a URL.

Use these adapters to orchestrate targets that are running on-prem or in the cloud.

Demo Video

Take a look at a brief demo of the Web Services adapter in action with a sample use case.

It’s an easy-to-use integration for targets that don’t currently have pre-built integrations available.