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Workload Automation

APM Data Stream

A utility that aggregates and streams Tidal operational data to the enterprise data warehouse for visibility into how business processes are performing

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Aggregates and feeds Tidal operational data to an established data warehouse

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Enables a more holistic view of operational data for analysis and improvement

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Integrates with third-party solutions for data streaming and analytics

Businesses today need strategies for aggregating their operational data so they can analyze how systems are performing and how business processes are running. Enterprise workload automation solutions contain a wealth of data about system operations and resource utilization that, when combined with other operational data, provides a more holistic view of performance and processing.


Our APM Data Stream aggregates and feeds real-time operational data from Tidal to your operational data warehouse and analytics platform.


Tidal operational data includes: events, performance metrics, system messages, logs, tags, compliance management, server resources, SLAs and critical paths.


We built APM Data Stream with message-based protocols to integrate with a broad range of streaming, storage and analytics tools.

Tidal APM Data Stream


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