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The world's most trusted brands trust Tidal Automation to orchestrate their most critical workloads.
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Trusted Brands Trust Tidal

At Tidal, our holistic, customer-centric approach to workload automation helps enterprises meet their missions with speed and strategic impact. These success stories, independent technology reviews and customer quotes will show you how we do it.

Targetbase – Success Story

How do you turn customer data into insight and campaigns that activate your brand? Ask one of the world’s largest automobile companies, a pharmaceutical giant, a consumer products conglomerate and dozens of other global leaders, and they’ll tell you – by teaming with data intelligence leader Targetbase.
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What Our Customers Say

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“Tidal drives the business output that drives our revenue and margins. It’s the 24x7 heartbeat of the operation. If that isn’t mission-critical, what is?”
- Market Intelligence Firm
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Return on Investment

“In some cases we’re enhancing the efficiency of managing jobs by as much as 92%. We expect to recoup our investment in only 15 months.”
- Major Retailer
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“We like how easy the solution is to configure and use. We can visually create job workflows that span applications and systems without having to write scripts.”
- Software Giant
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“The level of customer care and support Tidal has shown us goes above and beyond. They have been very personable, taking the time to listen to our needs and always make us feel like we are a part of the family.”
- Healthcare System
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"Tidal is our air traffic controller, managing all of the interactions between our internal operations and external clients who share customer data every day with us. Tidal has never let us down. Runs thousands of jobs a day, 365 days a year, day in and day out. Rock solid."
- Information Services Company
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Cost Control

"Tidal frees up time to support revenue generation such as setting up new customer environments, enhancing our applications and improving the engineering required to scale up operations. This supports our scaling objectives and helps us control costs."
- Hedge Fund Service
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"We have 80,000 jobs in the system and over 4 million job runs per year – with all that, we have not experienced any Tidal-related downtime in over 3 years."
- Insurance Leader

Market Intelligence Company – Success Story

Retailers. Suppliers. Dealers. Wall Street and other stakeholders. They all rely on this Market Intelligence Company to help enlighten – and de-risk – the critical business decisions that fuel their success.
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Worldwide Technology Company Success Story

This technology company was burdened with separate job schedulers that created incomplete fragmented controls, required significant user training and support, and couldn’t support an end-to-end workload process.
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Industrial Company Success Story

One of the world’s leading industrial firms – a geographically-dispersed organization with a diverse set of products – was seeking to modernize its data center operations for increased efficiency.
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Digital Entertainment Company Success Story

To maintain its market domination, this global leader in digital interactive entertainment needed access to timely, accurate business intelligence about its products, sales, customers and finance.
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