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Integrate and automate database processes

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Manage data and database dependencies within business processes

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Process the right data at the right time and get it to the right place

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Automate job sequencing based on data readiness

Automate Database Processes

Enterprises rely on a variety of databases for their business, operations and IT processes. These databases typically depend on other databases – and that requires precise sequencing and synchronization of tasks to execute processes with timely, accurate results.

With Tidal, you can orchestrate database workflows and integrate database activities within enterprise processes.

  • Automate delivery of data to the right place at the right time – manipulate, copy, move it and more
  • Use Tidal Automation to monitor database events so those events can be used to trigger other activities in your schedule
  • Satisfy audit and regulatory requirements with the ability to demonstrate you have established controls in place for tracking what has happened with data and who has made changes
  • Eliminate scheduling silos for each database by automating DBA tasks within Tidal, such as backing up all databases overnight

Tidal offers pre-built adapters for a variety of databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server and Azure databases
  • Any database that supports JDBC
  • Oracle databases (Oracle9i, 10g and 11g versions)

Tidal can orchestrate database workflows whether they're running on-prem or in the cloud.