Mainframe Job Scheduler

Leverage enterprise-class automation in mainframe systems


Mainframe Automation with Tidal

Whether running on-premises or in the cloud, Tidal Automation empowers organizations to automate anything from mainframe job scheduling to cross-platform workflows, delivering enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and visibility into critical business operations.

  • Navigate IBM Mainframes: Our integrations work with IBM systems, including z/OS, IBM Z, and MVS operating systems.
  • Optimize JCL and Batch Processing: Eliminate the complexities of JCL scripting and streamline your batch processing workflows.
  • Cross-Platform Agility: Tidal’s cross-platform capabilities ensure smooth workflow orchestration across Unix, Linux, and IBM mainframe systems.
  • Real-Time Control and Visibility: From TSO to CICS, our platform provides a unified interface for monitoring and managing job scheduling, workflow execution, and production control.
  • Cobol Automation: Tidal supports Cobol-based job scheduling and processing.
  • Accelerate DevOps Practices: Drive collaboration and enhance efficiency between development and operations teams with Tidal’s DevOps-friendly features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does Tidal Software Manage Batch Scheduling in Data Center Environments?

    Tidal Software provides advanced batch scheduling capabilities. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Tidal Automation enables efficient and centralized management of batch scheduling across diverse systems and platforms.

    Administrators can define complex job dependencies, establish priority queues, and rerun failed or delayed jobs.

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  • Can Tidal Software Handle Abends and Assist in Their Resolution?

    Yes, Tidal assists in proactively managing abends, ensuring smooth workflow execution, and minimizing disruptions. Tidal Automation provides error handling and notification capabilities, allowing organizations to detect and respond to abends effectively. Administrators can quickly identify and resolve abends through customizable alerts and notifications, minimizing the impact on critical business operations.

    Discover how Tidal Software can revolutionize your operations through automated job scheduling and enterprise workload automation.

  • Does Tidal Software Integrate with BMC Solutions?

    Tidal Software offers seamless integration with BMC solutions, allowing organizations to leverage the power of BMC technologies within their automated workflows. Whether it's BMC Control-M, BMC Remedy, or other BMC tools, Tidal Automation provides connectors and adapters to ensure smooth communication and synchronization between Tidal and BMC software.

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