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Adapters for Informatica®

Streamline and optimize Informatica workflows

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Define, launch and monitor Informatica activities

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Integrate Informatica workflows within overall business processes

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to ETL processes

Automate Data Pipelines

Tidal’s integrations with Informatica solutions support the delivery of business-critical data to the right place at the right time for all Informatica extract, transform and load (ETL) pathways.

We offer adapters to support both Informatica technology stacks:

  • PowerCenter
  • Intelligent Cloud Services

Our adapters work through Informatica’s APIs to take control of the activities in the embedded scheduler. Those scheduling tasks are then seamlessly managed in the Tidal Automation platform with more advanced scheduling functionality than what’s available in the native scheduler. Additionally, you can define cross-application dependencies and triggers. You benefit from centralized control and visibility of Informatica data integration, ETL and data warehouse processes.