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PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

Optimize workload automation and job scheduling for PeopleSoft applications, including various process types such as PeopleSoft Job, Application Engine, SQR, and more.

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Integrate PeopleSoft ERP scheduling activities to optimize batch scheduling, execution, and data exchange processes

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to PeopleSoft ERP tasks, including PeopleSoft jobs, Application Engine, SQR, and process monitor

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Meet SLAs for your business-critical processes through PeopleSoft job scheduling

Optimize ERP Scheduling with PeopleTools and Tidal

Tidal’s pre-built adapter for PeopleSoft integrates your ERP scheduling tasks in the Tidal platform with no scripting required. Our adapter works through the PeopleSoft API to control the Process Scheduler's activities. Those scheduling tasks are then seamlessly managed in Tidal Automation with more advanced scheduling functionality than what’s available in the native scheduler.

Automate time-based scheduling across global time zones

Use event-based automation in your schedules

Build dependencies with other application workflows or tasks

Execute file transfers between PeopleSoft and other applications

Facilitate data exchange and integration, supporting UNIX and SQL commands, configuring process requests, and utilizing command-line interfaces

Schedule and manage reporting tasks, like NVision and Crystal Reports

Specify server names, scheduled jobsets, and PS Jobs

Manage and optimize the PSNT (PeopleSoft Native) and Process Schedule Server

Self-service for Business Users

As ERP scheduling tasks, such as PSJob and SQR reports, are delegated to business users, Tidal Automation empowers you to apply fine-grained role-based access controls.

Tidal’s logging maintains a record of user actions and demonstrates you have the controls in place for critical systems to satisfy audit and compliance requirements. This facilitates audit and compliance requirements, including tracking the run status, run time, and queued processes on the Process Scheduler Server, Application Server, and web server.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Tidal leverage PeopleTools 8.X to enhance business processes?

    Tidal Automation takes advantage of the capabilities provided by PeopleTools 8, allowing you to optimize and automate business processes. By utilizing features like output destinations, run control IDs, and process names, Tidal simplifies the management and scheduling of PeopleTools 8 processes, boosting efficiency and productivity.

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  • Can Tidal Streamline the Execution of COBOL Programs?

    Tidal offers features such as run control IDs and process names, allowing efficient management and scheduling of COBOL programs. With Tidal's integration capabilities, you can easily specify output destinations and file names for seamless processing.

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  • Can Tidal Handle Application Engine Programs and Data Mover Processes?

    Yes, Tidal Automation provides comprehensive support for Application Engine programs, enabling streamlined scheduling and execution. Additionally, Tidal seamlessly integrates with data mover, facilitating efficient data exchange and integration within the PeopleSoft ecosystem.

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