Use Case - Retail

Creating a Profitable Ecommerce Channel for a Global Retailer

Customer since 2009 – This global footwear retailer has sold more than 600 million pairs of shoes in 90 countries



Multiple siloed systems caused enterprise workflows to fail


Orders were cancelled when jobs ran simultaneously


Time-consuming manual error remediation


Poor customer experience


The company aimed to develop ecommerce as a significant revenue channel. However, the online ordering experience was poor and order processing unreliable. This was because SAP jobs and other business processes could not be integrated into larger workflows. Orders would error out if jobs ran simultaneously or intersected. The staff spent too much time finding and correcting cancelled orders and other troubleshooting was difficult as errors weren’t known until the job had run.

Results With Tidal

Build an end-to-end order and fulfillment process

Process and fulfill orders completely and quickly

Expedite sales revenue with automated posting of bank files upon receipt

Meet and exceed customer ordering expectations