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Agent for Windows

Centralize management of resources running on Windows

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Optimize resource utilization with automation

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Reduce infrastructure operating costs

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Apply advanced scheduling to the environment

Agent Integration

This agent manages physical or virtual servers and cloud instances running on Windows – no scripting required. With many organizations running up to thousands of these resources, Tidal centralizes management and control and brings more advanced scheduling to the environment.

The Windows agent is installed on the target and serves as a delegate of the Tidal Master to perform tasks. The agent:

  • Knows what to run
  • Monitors the execution
  • Passes back completion status and output
  • Triggers actions in Tidal based on events in the target

Extensive Compatibility

This agent supports a wide variety of versions of the Windows server, far too many to list here!

Improved Visibility With File Watcher

Job groups and processes are often initiated by the availability of a file or several files. The agent’s file watcher capability recognizes arrival of a file or changes to a file in order to trigger other actions in your schedule for more efficient event-based processing.

Integrated Process & Resource Management

Using agent lists, you can manage the assignment of work across resource pools. With built-in load balancing, it’s easy to assign work in real time to the resource best suited to process it. The result – improved resource management and reduced costs.

Tidal can orchestrate workflows for Windows resources whether they're running on-prem or in the cloud.