SAP ERP Job Scheduler Integration

End-to-end automation solutions for your SAP Ecosystem and beyond

Tidal provides a comprehensive set of adapters and connectors for SAP systems so all your scheduled jobs and SAP processes unite seamlessly with our modern automation tools.

Optimize ERP Scheduling

Tidal offers pre-built integrations for the different versions and technology stacks from SAP:

  • R/3 ERP & BW (ABAP)
  • S/4HANA ERP (Java)

Our adapters work through the SAP API to take control of the activities in the embedded scheduler. Tidal seamlessly manages those scheduling tasks with more advanced scheduling functionality than SAP’s native scheduler offers.

Automate time-based scheduling across global time zones

Leverage dozens of business and regional calendars out-of-the-box

Use event-based automation in your schedules

Define SLA policies and manage performance against SLAs

Build dependencies with other application workflows or tasks

Execute file transfers between SAP and other applications

SAP-specific Jobs

SAP-specific scheduling constructs are pre-populated in the Tidal UI for easy setup and management.


Manage SAP dunning jobs to trigger invoices


Manage BW info packages and process chains

Support for SAP IS-U

Our integrations for SAP ERP also support SAP IS-U (SAP Utilities), a process-oriented application from SAP built for the utilities industry. With our adapter for SAP ERP, energy suppliers and other utility companies can leverage Tidal to centrally manage the service and business processes in SAP IS-U and apply more advanced scheduling functionality.

SAP Adapters


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of jobs can I schedule with the SAP ERP Job Scheduler integration for Tidal?

    Using Tidal, teams can schedule and automate a wide range of jobs, including batch jobs, job processing, data loads, database maintenance, spools, and other routine tasks. With Tidal’s intuitive user interface, scheduling across ERP systems and other applications is as easy as dragging and dropping. You can even use Tidal’s range of pre-built job scheduling templates to get up and running lightning quick.

    Discover more about Tidal’s integrations with the SAP solution set.

  • Are job steps and job definitions in Tidal and SAP ERP job scheduling the same?

    Job steps and job definitions in Tidal and SAP are similar but have a few key differences. Tidal provides a more abstract, high-level view of job workflows. This enables users to define job definitions that can include multiple job steps and dependencies. In SAP ERP, there is more granular control with exection, however that is limited only to automated processes that reside within SAP, whereas Tidal can automate processes across your entire environment.

    Explore the modern capabilities of Tidal’s enterprise workload automation platform.

  • How does Tidal compare to other job schedulers like Redwood and Stonebranch?

    Tidal differs from Redwood and Stonebranch in a few key areas. First, Tidal’s user interface is modern and intuitive with drag-and-drop job scheduling and management, while Stonebranch relies on manual configuration. Tidal offers more advanced features for job dependency management and has a broader set of out-of-the-box integrations than Stonebranch. While Tidal and Redwood offer more flexible pricing, Stonebranch is more rigid in their policies.

    Tidal specializes in working with large enterprises and organizations that have complex IT environments, so provides more advanced process automation capabilities than Redwood’s RunMyJobs.

    Take a look at the Tidal Repository for administrators and developers.