Use Case - Government

Transforming a Government Agency's Mission-critical Processes

Customer since 2009 – This state agency and legal department carries out complex criminal and civil investigations, prosecutions and other legal services in 58 counties



Missed deadlines due to failed file processing


Error-prone manual, ad hoc file submission


Time-consuming manual error search and fix


No ability to audit for compliance


The agency processes about 900 jobs daily from files submitted by 58 counties. By law, files must be processed and recorded that day. Files were manually submitted on an ad hoc basis all day long. The submission process was so complicated only a few staff were trained on it. When a file was sent, neither the county nor the agency could tell if the transfer had been successful.

Using Cron, data could only be batch processed based on time of day instead of data state. But because of the unreliable file transfer, jobs often ran with faulty or incomplete data. Then staff had to drop everything to search for and fix errors and rerun the entire job. Frequently, processing ran overtime and deadlines were breached.

Results With Tidal

Standardize data management processes

Achieve SLAs with jobs running accurately and on time

Redirect staff from low-value activities

Eliminate burden of training on multiple file submission systems

Ensure compliance with Tidal’s audit and monitoring capabilities