Use Case - Manufacturing

Integrating JD Edwards and Mainframe Tasks Into Enterprise Workflows

Customer since 2019 – This Fortune 500 company manufactures specialty heavy commercial and emergency vehicles for customers globally



Multiple siloed schedulers and instances causing errors and downtime


Inefficiencies in cost, time and labor for scheduling, maintenance and training


Failures not known until jobs completed


The company needed to integrate JD Edwards (JDE) and mainframe workloads into enterprise processes. The existing workload automation solution was unable to support seamless integration of these technologies, even after significant custom work. As a result, the Operations team wrestled with multiple schedulers and instances.

There were inefficiencies in cost, time and labor associated with learning and maintaining the various schedulers and ETL failures were common. With errors not seen until a job completed and manual troubleshooting, SLAs were often breached and staff worked most weekends.

Results With Tidal

Orchestrate JDE workflows for Manufacturing, MRP and Finance

Eliminate multiple schedulers – Tidal replaced 10 schedulers

Shrink licensing costs, training and admin time

Proactively resolve problems to improve operational effectiveness – 20 hours per week saved

Cut overnight/weekend work, leading to better morale and productivity

Distribute BI automatically via email, FTP or SharePoint