Use Case - Marketing Agency

Orchestrating Complex Big Data Workflows With Event-based Scheduling

Customer since 2005 – The agency manages 150+ marketing databases, 3.7B customer records and 9500+ global employees



Reliably manage a high volume of jobs in a fast-paced environment


Ensure accurate, event-based processing of data from a variety of sources


Support large number of business users with secure access


This global marketing firm operates a complex hybrid and multi-cloud environment and manages 150+ marketing databases, 3.7B customer records and $1.7B in global digital media. It delivers 10,000 analytic models, 12B personalized emails, 20M+ personalized mobile messages and 150,000 campaigns annually for major brands.

Workload automation was integral to the firm’s service offerings so a solution that could orchestrate high-volume workflows 24/7 was essential. With approximately 200 internal teams plus client users, security and self-service were important, as were ease of integrations and ability to centrally manage all workflows.

Results With Tidal

Drive services earning $600-$700 million in revenue

Consolidate resources and reduce overtime

Provide clients a choice of programs on-prem or in the cloud