SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduler Adapter

Integrate SAP schedule change management

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Integrate Tidal with Solution Manager for accurate control of SAP schedule changes

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Process SAP schedule changes made in Tidal through Solution Manager approvals prior to execution in SAP

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Support compliance requirements with comprehensive audit logs of what changes occur in your SAP processes

Easily Manage Job Schedule Changes

SAP Solution Manager is the central point of control for changes in your SAP ecosystem, including changes to SAP jobs and processes. As you promote schedule changes through stages of the lifecycle, Tidal’s Solution Manager integration supports your change management processes across your SAP systems.

Tidal’s integration provides checks and balances between the Tidal platform and Solution Manager to ensure SAP business processes run as expected and schedule changes don’t produce unanticipated results.

Through the integration, the Tidal platform:

  • Goes to Solution Manager to get ERP jobs and capture any changes to schedules.
  • Pushes changes to SAP schedules made in Tidal to Solution Manager for routing and approval prior to execution in the SAP environment.

These communications between Tidal and Solution Manager improve the visibility into the potential impact of SAP changes. Approvers can see dependencies that exist at any point in the workflow, not just within SAP. Before making a decision or initiating action, they can anticipate how a change to an SAP schedule could affect downstream processing.

To support compliance requirements, Tidal’s comprehensive audit logs demonstrate that you have the right controls for process and system changes.

Like all Tidal adapters, our adapter for Solution Manager is ready-to-run for seamless integration without scripting.

Extend SAP’s Native Job Scheduling Functionality

Frustrated by the limitations of SAP’s process automation? Tidal orchestrates complex, event-based scheduling and automation across SAP and non-SAP jobs for seamless, cross-platform job scheduling management. With Tidal, teams can:

  • Centralize complex workload management across SAP and non-SAP applications
  • Orchestrate job scheduling tools across on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud environments
  • Conduct all job scheduling lifecycle management through a single dashboard across enterprise-wide jobs and workload activities
  • Coordinate process chains across your SAP ERP
  • Automate and orchestrate SAP tasks through our connector, which offers a bi-directional interface
  • Easily integrate SAP-wide workload automation from legacy and newer solutions such as S4/HANA, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Central Process Scheduling, and also supports SAP ABAP, IBM, and Java tech stacks
  • Initiate event-driven automation and background jobs like file transfers across the enterprise’s entire business application ecosystem
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduler a comprehensive tool?

    While SAP Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler (SMSE) [also called SolMan] job scheduler does offer some benefits, it also has limitations. It is limited to managing and scheduling jobs within SAP systems, and while APIs and interfaces may help with integration, its functionality is limited. SolMan also supports limited job types that may not cover all scenarios or specialized requirements. SolMan also lacks advanced scheduling features such as event-driven scheduling or workload balancing.

    Explore Tidal’s unified workload automation platform and centralized management.

  • Does the Tidal automation solution overcome the SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduler limitations?

    Tidal software has advanced scheduling features and capabilities that enable teams to orchestrate complex workflows across any platform or application. Tidal helps teams optimize scalability and execute a high volume of jobs without complicated configurations and monitoring. Tidal has 60+ connectors to integrate across platforms and applications so no teams have to silo their job scheduling activities.

    Discover the myriad capabilities of Tidal’s SAP job scheduler integrations.

  • How does Tidal differ from Redwood RunMyJobs?

    Tidal specializes in working with large enterprises and organizations with complex IT environments. Tidal and Redwood both offer powerful job scheduling and automation capabilities. Tidal is known for its advanced process automation, while Redwood is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

    Check out the Tidal Repository for administrators and developers.