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Adapter for SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Integrate SAP supply chain management processes

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Manage IBP jobs within your enterprise processes

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to IBP jobs

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Coordinate your IBP jobs with your SAP ERP scheduling activities

Improve Visibility & Control

IBP is supply chain management software within the SAP solution set. The application uses job templates to define steps for a process. It has an embedded scheduler but it provides just basic functionality and can only manage jobs within IBP.

Through our integration, IBP job templates are pre-populated in Tidal. You simply search for and select the templates, then apply more advanced scheduling functionality to IBP tasks – use variables, define dependencies, trigger actions based on events and more.

Your IBP jobs are centrally managed within your enterprise processes and you get full visibility and control of these activities:

  • Retrieve IBP job templates
  • Schedule IBP job templates
  • Get IBP job run status – did it succeed or fail
  • Get IBP job run info – what happened when the job was running
  • Cancel IBP jobs
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