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Adapter for S3

Automate S3 storage activities

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Create, update and delete buckets with Tidal jobs

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Run jobs to update, delete, copy and move objects

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Apply more advanced scheduling functionality

Manage S3 Storage

Our adapter for S3 enables centralized management of S3 job scheduling in the Tidal platform. With this integration, you can seamlessly manage S3 storage buckets and objects in your overall enterprise processes.

Authentication mechanisms in the adapter ensure data remains secure from unauthorized access – objects can be made public or private and rights can be granted to specific users.

The adapter supports S3 storage for both AWS and OCI with the following functionality:

  • Connection/availability – reports the connectivity status
  • Data organization – create a bucket, move/copy/rename/restore objects from one bucket to another or within the same bucket
  • Data security – configure ACL permission to a bucket or object
  • Data protection – specify server-side encryption while uploading/downloading objects to and from the S3 bucket service
  • Data storage and retrieval – integrate with a Data Mover job to upload/download objects
  • Data storage cleanup – delete objects and bucket to free up space
  • Event-based scheduling – trigger actions in your schedule based on an S3 event
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