Use Case - Healthcare Provider

Optimizing Payroll and Supply Chain Processes for a Large Healthcare Provider

Customer since 2002 – This healthcare system is one of the largest in the U.S. with 200 hospitals, 180 emergency care centers and 158,000 employees.

Payroll Challenges


Large dedicated team


Long processing time


Manual troubleshooting

Supply Chain Challenges


Inconsistent inventory


Inaccurate patient billing for supplies


Not leveraging volume discounts for supplies


This healthcare provider had grown by acquisition. Many locations still processed payroll and managed medical supplies inventory manually. A team of 30 was dedicated to payroll, which took two weeks to prepare. Troubleshooting an error could take as long as a week.

Inventory levels were too high or too low and inaccurate patient charges for medical supplies were common. Since each location ordered independently, they missed out on volume discounts.

Results With Tidal

Centralize and optimize key business processes

Slash payroll operational costs, processing time and troubleshooting efforts

Align ordering of supplies with demand and reduce costs

Ensure accurate patient billing