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Optimizing Your ERPs

Learn why workload automation outperforms job schedulers in this webinar we presented in collaboration with Quest Oracle Community

Webinar Overview

Quest WebinarConventional job schedulers can’t keep pace with the rapid changes and complex requirements of business today. Poor visibility, fragmented application-specific toolsets and disconnected processes are creating misalignment and missed SLAs. Workload automation is an integrated cross-platform, cross-application approach to centralize control and management of the critical workflows that drive your success.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn why workload automation is a better solution and how it enables you to:

  • Centrally schedule, automate and manage workloads across a diverse mix of systems, databases and applications – all from one view
  • Orchestrate and automate workflows as you transition from on-premises to cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Reduce human errors, inefficiencies of script management and the need to write integrations to new systems or applications

Webinar details

  • Recorded: March 18, 2020
  • Duration: 58 minutes