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Agent for zLinux

Bring mainframe workloads into enterprise processes

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Integrate mainframe batch processing into enterprise workflows

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Reduce mainframe operating costs by moving scheduling to Tidal

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to zLinux jobs

Offload Mainframe Scheduling

With Tidal’s zLinux integration, mainframe job scheduling can be orchestrated within overall business processes for end-to-end management and automation – no scripting required. When you offload scheduling from the mainframe, you can reduce your mainframe operating costs.

The zLinux agent is installed on the mainframe and serves as a delegate of the Tidal Master to perform tasks. The agent:

  • Knows what to run
  • Monitors the execution
  • Passes back completion status and output
  • Triggers actions in Tidal based on events in mainframe processing

Integrate Process & Resource Management

Using agent lists, you can assign a group of machines to handle a workload. It’s easy to do dynamic load balancing by increasing or decreasing the number of machines doing work. The result – improved resource management and reduced costs.