Adapter for VMware

Automate and optimize virtual resources

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Centralize management and control of your virtual machines

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Optimize virtual environments for performance and resource availability

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Integrate process and resource management to reduce costs

Manage Virtual Machines

Tidal’s adapter for VMware enables you to optimize resources and associated costs of your virtual machines. The adapter works through the VMware API to take control of the embedded scheduler activities and integrate them in overall business processes.

Through the Tidal integration, you can:

  • Start and stop virtual machines
  • Suspend and resume their use
  • Manage snapshots
  • Adjust resources dynamically

Run a Tidal Agent in a VM

As an alternative to the adapter, you can run a Tidal agent in virtual machines. The agent is installed on the target and serves as a delegate of the Tidal Master to perform tasks.

The agent:

  • Knows what to run
  • Monitors the execution
  • Passes back completion status and output
  • Triggers actions in Tidal based on events in the target

A key benefit of this approach is that you can add the virtual machines to Tidal’s Agent List so it’s available to perform work.

Improve Resource Management

Agent lists in Tidal enable you to assign a group of machines to handle a workload. It’s easy to do dynamic load balancing by increasing or decreasing the number of machines doing work. The result – improved resource management and reduced costs.

Tidal can orchestrate virtual machines whether they're running on-prem or in the cloud.