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Adapter for ServiceNow®

Streamline the tracking and resolution of system issues causing job failures

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Automate creation of a ServiceNow case when a job fails

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Improve visibility to status of a case as it progresses

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Accelerate time to resolution and job re-run

Integrate With ITSM

Keeping your workload automation activities running smoothly is critical to meeting business requirements and SLAs. But inevitably, issues will occur and when that happens, early attention and action is required to get to prompt resolution.

Our adapter integrates Tidal Automation and ServiceNow incident response functionality without custom scripting or development. With this integration, Tidal and ServiceNow operate as peers to manage cases arising from the failure of jobs in Tidal. The adapter can be configured to match your ServiceNow data schema, mapping Tidal job activity data to the appropriate fields and status codes in your ServiceNow incident management records.

When a job within Tidal fails, a ServiceNow case is automatically created. As the case progresses and is ultimately closed, updates are logged in Tidal to provide visibility to the operator.  Once the case is closed, the job is automatically re-run or manually re-run, depending on the configuration you define.

How It Works

  1. When a job run results in an error, an event is generated by Tidal.
  2. That event creates an action that is pushed out to ServiceNow to create an incident.
  3. Tidal monitors the ServiceNow incident table for any updates to the records posted by Tidal.
  4. Any changes made to the job run case are logged in Tidal.
  5. When the incident is resolved, that information is also fed back to Tidal.
  6. The job can be automatically or manually re-run, depending on configuration.

Incident Creation for Job Failure

Job Failure

Monitoring of Incident Status

Incident Status