SAP PI Job Scheduler Integration

Automate the management of PI communication channels

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Use Tidal to control and monitor communication channels

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to PI tasks

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Coordinate PI activities within overall business processes

Manage PI Channels

If you’re using the SAP Process Integration (PI) solution to integrate applications within your SAP systems and environment, managing the PI channels is vital for application-to-application communication – particularly when there are hundreds of connections into and out of the PI hub.

Integrating PI with Tidal simplifies control and management of PI channels.

Use Tidal jobs to control external* sender/receiver channels:

  • Start external channels
  • Stop external channels
  • Start for specific duration then stop

* Internal channels can be configured as external so they can be managed in Tidal.

In Tidal, monitor external sender/receiver channels for:

  • Stopped channel
  • Errored channel
  • Inactive channel

With Tidal’s event-action architecture, any of these events can trigger notifications or actions. For example, the event of “Errored channel” can trigger the action of “Restart error channel.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does SAP PI have job scheduler capabilities?

    SAP PI, which is part of SAP NetWeaver, uses the SAP NetWeaver Java Scheduler for low-level job scheduling. Java Scheduler is not designed for a high capacity of job runs every day, and SAP recommends keeping jobs to much less than 100,000 per day. The Java Scheduler’s external public API, Java eXternal Batch Processing (XBP) enables external schedulers to control and monitor jobs deployed on AS Java. The scheduler develops jobs with an object-oriented approach and provides time-based and event-based job scheduling.

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  • Can an SAP ABAP program integrate with SAP PI?

    Yes, SAP PI’s provided adapters and communications channels can help SAP PI integrate with ABAP programs. SAP PI’s interfaces and mappings exchange data with other systems for seamless integration and SAP Basis administrators can configure the communication setting and monitor the integration process.

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  • Can I schedule SAP PI jobs using BAPIs in Tidal?

    SAP’s Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) can be used to schedule background jobs in SAP PI. However, Tidal provides a centralized portal for job scheduling across SAP and non-SAP jobs, so Tidal does not work specifically with BAPIs. However, any job scheduling you do through Tidal will translate over to SAP Pi and ensure your desired outcome.

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  • Can Tidal schedule and manage SAP PI process chains?

    Tidal integrates seamlessly with SAP PI, allowing it to orchestrate and schedule process chains within SAP PI. This automates and coordinates multiple integration processes and tasks within SAP PI using Tidal’s scheduling and job management capabilities.

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  • Can Tidal handle runtime execution and manage the spooling of output in SAP PI jobs?

    Tidal interfaces with the SAP PI runtime environment to initiate and control SAP PI job execution. It sends requests to the application server hosting SAP PI, which triggers runtime execution of the specified SAP PI jobs. Tidal also handles spools generated by SAP PI jobs. Tidal captures output, such as XML messages or other data, generated by SAP PI jobs and manages their storage and delivery according to defined requirements.

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  • Can I check the status of a job scheduled in Tidal for SAP BW?

    Yes. Simply access the Tidal dashboard, which provides real-time information about execution status of scheduled jobs, including those in SAP BW (Business Warehouse). From the dashboard, you can see the current status of the job or jobs, execution logs, and any related error messages.

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