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Adapter for SAP Process Integration (PI)

Automate the management of PI communication channels

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Use Tidal to control and monitor communication channels

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to PI tasks

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Coordinate PI activities within overall business processes

Manage PI Channels

If you’re using the PI solution to integrate applications within your SAP environment, managing the PI channels is a vital activity for application-to-application communication – particularly when there are hundreds of connections into and out of the PI hub.

Integrating PI with Tidal simplifies control and management of PI channels.

Use Tidal jobs to control external* sender/receiver channels:

  • Start external channels
  • Stop external channels
  • Start for specific duration then stop

* Internal channels can be configured as external so they can be managed in Tidal.

In Tidal, monitor external sender/receiver channels for:

  • Stopped channel
  • Errored channel
  • Inactive channel

With Tidal’s event-action architecture, any of these events can trigger notifications or actions. For example, the event of “Errored channel” can trigger the action of “Restart error channel.”

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