IBM IT Management

Adapter for OS/400 iSeries

Centralize management of scheduling for iSeries resources

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Apply advanced scheduling to the iSeries environment

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Integrate iSeries activities in overall business processes

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Centralize management of iSeries scheduling tasks

Optimize Scheduling for iSeries Servers

With this adapter, Tidal centralizes management and control of scheduling for iSeries servers and brings more advanced scheduling functionality to the environment. Through this integration, Tidal:

  • Knows what tasks to run
  • Monitors the execution
  • Passes back completion status and output
  • Triggers actions in Tidal based on events in the target
  • Enables batch, time-based and dependency-driven scheduling

Improved Visibility With File Watcher

Job groups and processes are often initiated by the availability of a file or several files. This adapter’s file watcher capability recognizes arrival of a file or changes to a file in order to trigger other actions in your schedule for more efficient event-based processing.