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Adapter for OCI Virtual Machines

Optimize scheduling for Oracle cloud workflows

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Manage consumption of Oracle virtual machines with Tidal jobs

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Integrate Oracle cloud activities in overall business processes

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Centralize management and control of OCI scheduling tasks

Scheduling for OCI

The native Oracle scheduler has basic scheduling functionality and can only manage jobs within the boundaries of OCI virtual machines. With our adapter, Tidal replaces the Oracle scheduler so you can manage those tasks centrally within your enterprise-wide processes and apply more advanced scheduling functionality.

Manage Virtual Machines More Efficiently

Use Tidal jobs to bring OCI virtual machines online when you are ready to run jobs in your cloud instance and take them down when you’re not so you’re only paying for them when you actually need them.

  • Create virtual machines by using defined VM templates and configurations in OCI, or by specifying parameters in Tidal
  • Start, monitor, stop and restart OCI virtual machines
  • Deallocate or delete virtual machines
  • Capture and re-use virtual machine images

Apply More Advanced Scheduling Functionality

The integration provides functionality of the Oracle scheduler plus more advanced capabilities not available in the native scheduler:

  • Use time- and event-based scheduling
  • Define scheduling dependencies between Google compute engines and other processes
  • Apply local, business and financial calendars to control when jobs run
  • Leverage graphical views of schedules
  • Centralize change management for schedules