Integrate other processes into enterprise workflows

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Embed Tidal directly in other enterprise processes and targets

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Leverage Tidal’s robust scheduling functionality in new targets

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Avoid custom development and manual scheduling efforts

Using Our API & CLI

Although we offer a comprehensive set of pre-built integrations, there may be cases when you need to include processes associated with your own applications or other systems in your workflows.

Developers can use our API or CLI to easily integrate these targets into your workload automation environment. Take advantage of Tidal’s scheduling functionality and avoid custom development, scripting or manual efforts.

Integrating a Target Through the API

Tidal is API-first – everything you can do through the UI in the Tidal platform, you can do through the API.

  • Use Tidal’s calendaring, time zone and Daylight Saving Time mechanisms
  • Apply event-based automation
  • Build custom automation elements inside your target
  • Submit tasks from your target to Tidal for processing and monitoring

Integrating a Target Through the CLI

Working through the CLI is a little closer to scripting with the use of commands to execute tasks in Tidal. The CLI provides access to a subset of what you can do through the API but still enables the most common things you want to accomplish – such as insert a new job definition or re-run a job in Tidal.

Using the CLI supports the application development lifecyle. You can use commands to simultaneously promote source code changes, data changes and scheduling changes as one set of actions.

Use Tidal's API or CLI to orchestrate targets that are running on-prem or in the cloud.