Workload Automation

Tidal, Your Windows Task Scheduler Alternative

With Tidal, you’ll have a user-friendly interface and over 60 pre-build integration templates to speed up the automation process.

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Optimize resource utilization with automation

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Reduce infrastructure operating costs

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Apply advanced scheduling to the environment

Tidal: An Advanced Task Scheduler

Tidal breaks the boundaries of automation software by supporting not only Microsoft Windows but also Linux, macOS, and even Android operating systems with our mobile application. This way you can monitor schedules, queues, and logs no matter where you are.

With its cross-platform compatibility, you can achieve centralized task coordination across your diverse IT landscape. Tidal’s vast library of 60+ pre-built integrations and its API support enables you to connect with a wide range of applications and systems.

Simplified Task Scheduler Software and Management

As a powerful alternative to system schedulers like VisualCron, Task Till Dawn, and Z-Cron Scheduler, Tidal offers advanced features, centralized coordination, and cross-platform compatibility for task management across Windows servers, workstations, and even Unix environments.

Tidal goes beyond basic tasks by offering advanced scheduling options that allow you to:

  • Execute batch files, run applications, and perform routine tasks at specific times
  • Simplify workflow creation with its graphical editor.
  • Integrate with the entire Microsoft stack, including PowerShell, Microsoft Windows, Excel, FTP transfers, and more.

Tidal surpasses traditional task scheduler software by providing a comprehensive set of advanced features. From scheduling shutdown and startup operations to managing pop-up notifications, Tidal empowers users with unparalleled control over task execution.
Whether you need to automate repetitive tasks, handle dependencies, or manage notifications, Tidal covers you within the Microsoft environment.

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