Workload Automation

Redwood Alternative: Tidal Workload Automation Software

Teams looking for Redwood alternatives for workload automation and job scheduling can find robust solutions by looking within the company’s own software portfolio. Let’s see how Redwood and Tidal compare.

What is Redwood Software?

Redwood software is a global leader in workload automation and managed file transfer, providing enterprise solutions to organizations like Xerox, Wells Fargo, Ford, Bank of America, and more. Redwood has a family of five products including three workload automation solutions: RunMyJobs, ActiveBatch, and Tidal.

Redwood RunMyJobs is a cloud-native platform offering full stack automation. Teams can automate processes that run on-premises, or in public, private, and multi cloud-based environments. As a SaaS platform, RunMyJobs handles all maintenance and upgrades without requiring IT resources.

RunMyJobs has a deep set of connectors for SAP and Oracle, including SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, SAP Business Objects, SAP IS-U, SAP PI, SAP Solution Manager, SAP APO, SAP IBP, SAP BTP, and more, driving workflow automation across entire SAP landscapes.

Best Redwood Alternative: Tidal Automation

Redwood RunMyJobs is a fantastic SaaS-based workload automation solution, but for teams looking for an on-premises Redwood alternative, Tidal is the perfect choice. A SaaS version of Tidal is currently being planned so teams can have the best of both worlds.

This job scheduling software is a good RunMyJobs alternative and enables workflow orchestration across applications, middleware, systems, and infrastructure. Over 60 supported connectors encourage seamless integrations with leading enterprise apps. Organizations can achieve true digital transformation when it comes to workload management and job scheduling.

Monitoring, Notifications, and Recovery: Set-up notifications for events like job failures and have them sent to browser-enabled devices through a ServiceNow integration.

Reporting and Analytics: Historical analysis reports provided trends for key job performance areas like duration, counts, and dependencies for data-driven decision making.

SLA Management: Set-up SLA policies for critical jobs to automate monitoring and notifications if jobs or SLAs are at risk.

Multiple User Interfaces for Data Visualization: Create customized data visualizations through an interactive dashboard and share reports across departments.

Job Run Analysis: Review and analyze job run performance in real-time and run state statistics in summary charts and grid views. Use run timing charts to identify trends.

Developer-Friendly Automation: Tidal can mirror the DevOps lifecycle so developers can synchronize application updates, upgrades, and schedule changes for more efficient continuous delivery.

Optimize Multiple Use Cases: Use Tidal to optimize batch processing, managed file transfer, data integration from multiple data sources, job scheduling for ERP systems, and more.

Self-Service Capabilities: Create job templates, schedule jobs, and more, and allocate resources across servers, databases, networks, pipelines, and storage systems.

Integrations with Enterprise Tools: Tidal offers numerous integrations for AWS, Microsoft, and SAP systems including SAP legacy and newer solutions: SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA/4HANA.

SaaS vs On-Premises Workload Automation Tools

SaaS-based workload automation tools are cloud-based. This offers several advantages including accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection and computer, scalability, and automatic software upgrades. On the other hand, SaaS solutions can have limited controls over infrastructure and data security.

On-premises automation solutions offer a higher level of control and security because all data and processes are maintained in the organization’s own network. These tools can come with higher costs related to hardware, software licenses, ongoing maintenance, and more.

More Redwood Alternatives

In addition to Tidal, there are many other Redwood alternatives, including ActiveBatch, Stonebranch, JAMS enterprise job scheduler, IBM workload automation tools, Cisco workload optimization solutions, and more.


Control-M is a commercial workload automation solution that supports Linux environments. Offering comprehensive job scheduling features and encourages workload management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ActiveBatch?

    ActiveBatch is an extremely intuitive workload automation software. This on-premises solution does not include a SaaS platform. However, it has the ability to automate business processes on-premises and in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

    The ActiveBatch workload automation tool is designed to be easy to use with a low-code drag-and-drop graphical user interface. IT teams can quickly create business process automation workflows without advanced programming skills using on-demand job steps and variables.

    Through the self-service portal, users can run jobs and accomplish workload management without IT assistance. With script lifecycle management features, teams can integrate and schedule scripts of any language into end-to-end, cross-platform workflows.

    See how the Tidal Repository helps teams organize, version, and promote schedule changes from dev to test to production.

  • What are the benefits of workload automation?

    Workload automation offers numerous benefits for individuals and teams of all sizes:

    • Increased efficiency
    • Cost savings
    • Better resource allocation
    • Improved accuracy and consistency
    • Scalability
    • Enhanced visibility and control
    • Compliance and audits evidence
    • Streamlined SLA management

    Achieve these benefits and more with Tidal workload automation software.

  • Where is Redwood alternative high school?

    There is a Redwood High School in Castro Valley, California that is an alternative, or continuation, public high school in the Castro Valley Unified School District. The school offers small class sizes, individual attention, and options for earning a high school diploma.

    Redwood alternative high school is not affiliated with the Redwood software company.

    Advanced high school students interested in learning more about job scheduling and workload automation can find helpful materials in the Tidal resource library.