Workload Automation

Tidal: Your Oracle Scheduler Alternative

Replace Oracle Scheduler with our comprehensive automation platform, tailored for Oracle environments.

  • Advanced Oracle scheduling capabilities
  • Centralized management and monitoring
  • Seamless integration with the Oracle ecosystem

End-to-End Oracle Workload Orchestration

Tidal goes beyond job scheduling by providing cross-application orchestration. Seamlessly integrate Oracle solutions with other enterprise applications, middleware, and systems to streamline your business processes.

  • Schedule and automate tasks based on specific schedules, time intervals, or event triggers.
  • Configure automated real-time notifications to alert stakeholders or IT personnel when errors occur.
  • Set permissions and access rights.
  • Define and manage parameters and dependencies between tasks and processes within your Oracle workflows: specify conditions for task execution and sequencing.

Tidal offers extensive support for Oracle solutions, including Oracle databases, Cloud ERP & HCM, E-Business, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft. Integrate with Oracle’s DBMS_SCHEDULER and execute PL/SQL scripts and shell scripts within scheduled tasks, providing flexibility and automation capabilities.

Comprehensive Workflow Automation Integrations Beyond Oracle

Tidal offers extensive integrations for comprehensive workflow automation, providing APIs for programmatic control over job scheduling, workflow orchestration, and task automation.

Some additional Tidal integrations include multi:

  • Popular databases like Oracle, Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.
  • Middleware platforms like IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, SAP NetWeaver, and others.
  • Various systems, including mainframe systems, Unix/Linux servers, cron jobs scheduling, Windows servers, virtualization platforms, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Different file transfer protocols like FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS).
  • Messaging systems include IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, and JMS (Java Message Service).

Users can also leverage HTML-based monitoring to track the status and performance of their Oracle workflows. Tidal’s intuitive interface empowers database administrators (DBAs) to simplify job management, monitoring, and troubleshooting across the Oracle ecosystem and beyond.

Tidal can orchestrate workflows for Oracle solutions, whether running on-prem or in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Tidal optimize job scheduling and resource utilization for Oracle workflows?

    Tidal incorporates advanced optimization techniques to streamline job scheduling and resource utilization.

    It uses intelligent algorithms to minimize idle time, improve workflow efficiency, and optimize resource allocation, enhancing performance and cost-effectiveness.

    Learn about Tidal’s workload automation software for enterprises to increase operational efficiency.

  • Can Tidal easily schedule and execute stored procedures?

    Yes, Tidal offers seamless integration with stored procedures in Oracle workflows. Tidal enables you to define default parameter values, simplifying job creation and ensuring consistent execution of stored procedures.

    Learn more about the powerful capabilities of Tidal’s workload automation platform.

  • How does Tidal support multi-platform environments and various operating systems for scheduling and managing Oracle tasks?

    Tidal is designed to support diverse operating systems, including Windows, Unix, and Linux, providing flexibility and compatibility across multiple platforms.

    Whether your Oracle tasks run on different operating systems or in a hybrid environment, Tidal can centrally schedule, manage, and monitor these tasks, ensuring seamless integration and efficient execution across your infrastructure.

    Explore why Tidal is the best choice for your workload automation and job scheduling needs.