Workload Automation

The ActiveBatch Alternative: Tidal Software

Comparing ActiveBatch Workload Automation with Tidal Workload Automation


ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Tidal Software, both by Redwood, are enterprise job scheduling and workload automation software solutions. Both automation tools automate processes on-premises, in cloud-based environments, on virtual machines, or in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Tidal and ActiveBatch can both help you automate and manage complex end-to-end workflows and offer:

  • Managed file transfers
  • Low-code infrastructure and drag-and-drop user interfaces
  • Business process automation
  • Visualization for DevOps and end users
  • Comprehensive workflow orchestration
  • Easy integration with IT automation and provisioning tools
  • Full integration with popular ERP systems

The Tidal Difference

Tidal Workload Automation Software provides many differentiating functionalities from ActiveBatch:

Complex Workflow Automation

Tidal’s scalability and ability to handle large, complex workload environments makes it the best choice for organizations with a substantial number of jobs and workflows, diverse systems and applications, and intricate dependencies. Tidal provides an automation platform with the needed flexibility and control to handle complexity.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Tidal leverages historical data and machine learning algorithms to predict workload patterns, resource utilization, and potential bottlenecks in real time. This promotes proactive decision-making and workload distribution optimization.

SLA Management

Tidal provides robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) capabilities that help organizations monitor critical business processes and workflows. Tidal enables proactive monitoring, alerts, and remediation of SLA violations.

Customized Views and Dashboards

Create customized views through the dashboard and share them with teams across your enterprise. Graphical Views show relationships between jobs and the state of runtime execution.

Developer-Friendly Automation

Tidal offers a full API, CLI, and adapters for SSH and web services, so it’s easy to integrate applications into workflow automations. Plus, Tidal’s repository makes it easy to keep schedule changes in sync with code changes.

Comprehensive Audit Documentation

Tidal boasts comprehensive compliance features for organizations that face stringent compliance or regulatory requirements. With audit trails, job-level tracking, and version control, Tidal enables teams to maintain detailed records of job executions.

60+ Pre-Built Integrations for Cross-Platform Support

Tidal delivers automation across all enterprise layers, from applications to middleware and infrastructure. It’s easy to seamlessly connect your software and business applications to the Tidal platform with our pre-built, ready-to-run integrations and connectors across databases, pipeline integrations, and more. We offer integrations for:


  • Apache Hadoop
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server and Azure databases
  • Windows OS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM
  • Informatica
  • Kubernetes
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • VMWare

Other Activebatch Alternatives:
Redwood RunMyJobs, Automic, Autosys Workload Automation, BMC Control-M, JAM.

Tidal Use Cases

Tidal is suited for a wide variety of use cases, including batch processing and batch jobs, big data processing tasks, mainframe job scheduling, ETL, and task scheduling. Tidal also offers self-service capabilities so business users can create templates, schedule jobs, and more without direct involvement from IT teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I switch to an ActiveBatch alternative?

    ActiveBatch, sometimes referred to as Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., is a well-known workload automation solution. Though ActiveBatch offers many pre-built job steps, Tidal helps companies that may encounter limits with highly customized or niche integrations. Tidal is built specifically for organizations with complex IT automation needs and offers end-to-end process orchestration across your business applications, platforms, and technologies.

    Discover what you can do with Tidal that you can’t do with other workload automation tools.

  • Is Tidal Software a viable ActiveBatch alternative?

    Yes. Tidal can perform many of the same functions and tasks as providers like ActiveBatch. If your organization requires help with highly complex workflows and batch jobs, prizes advanced predictive analytics, and stringent audit documentation Tidal is a better job scheduling software solution.

    Learn about how Tidal handles scheduling complexities.

  • Does Tidal integrate with many platforms?

    Yes, Tidal has 60+ pre-built integrations for cross-platform support. Tidal’s integrations include broad support for cloud resources, SaaS platforms, and container services. There are integrations for databases, VMs, ERPs, file transfer, IT management, mainframes, big data pipelines, and more.

    Explore Tidal’s full breadth of integrations.