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2022 Spring Launch Announcement


April 4, 2022


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New Features & Enhancements for the Tidal Platform

We just completed our first launch of 2022 with new features and enhancements for Tidal Automation, Explorer and Repository as well as additions to our portfolio of integrations. Download the announcement or read the key highlights below.

Tidal Automation 6.5.10

  • Terminator Jobs – This new job type provides the mechanism to control the completion status of a job group. Users define whether or not to continue activities in a job group based on what happens with a job in the group.
  • Enhancements to Graphical Views and Business Views
    • Gantt charts – These charts have been improved and provide the ability to display and drill into jobs and groups over time. They now incorporate SLA tracking and support some of our newer constructs such as file watcher and terminator jobs.
    • Business Views – The changes noted for Gantt charts have been applied to Business Views as well.
  • Enhancements to Job Definitions
    • Job Dependency on the Last Run of the Job – A Last Run checkbox is on the Job Dependency Definition. When selected, the job dependency is based on the predecessor’s last run status and exit code.
    • Rerun Same Occurrence With Custom Start Time – Users can select a new job execution option to rerun the same occurrence of the job with a custom start time or rerun an occurrence based on minutes after the hour.
    • Rerun Failure Count – Determine whether the job rerun is based on the number of failures by defining the number of retries before taking another action.
    • Job Priority Decay in Queue – Users can decay priority of jobs in a queue based on whether the Resource is ready and increase or decrease the job priority on an interval basis. The queue bumping setting is not affected but for a recurring set of jobs are running over time, this provides another way to change priority when there are jobs waiting in the queue to be launched.

Tidal Explorer 3.1.2

Explorer provides deep-dive diagnostics and visualizations of the Tidal environment so users can optimize resources, operational performance and service levels. This release includes:

  • Improved Job Run Analysis – Analyze historic job run performance with statistics about job start, stop, wait and duration times and identify patterns that may need to be addressed. It improves the ability to manage SLAs on a job-by-job basis.
  • Load/save job run and SLA analysis to a file with the option to print and export as well.
  • Gantt Chart Improvements – Users can apply filtering mechanisms to focus on particular jobs or time periods. The Gantt chart also now integrates with job run audit logs.
  • Data Space Manager – From an administration perspective, this tool enables users to define and manage data space by instance.

Tidal Repository 1.6

Tidal Repository is a key tool for centralized change management of workload automation schedules and calendars. Enhancements in this version of the Repository include:

  • Movement Features
    • Updated to handle movement of newer objects in TA such as Workgroups, Terminator Jobs and Validation Policies
    • New checkbox to Ignore Broken Dependencies
    • Logic to ignore uppercase/lowercase in TA objects with the same name but different case
  • Ongoing UI Improvements including:
    • Ability to select all privileges on the Add/Edit User and Add/Edit LDAP Group screens
    • Improved management of hierarchical views on the View Pipeline and View Task screens
    • Change to View Mapping screen reflects the Edit mapping screen in read-only mode
    • Displays exact number of uncommitted objects on View Repository screen


Tidal offers a comprehensive set of ready-to-run integrations and we continue to develop new adapters to support critical enterprise applications.

The Spring launch includes two new adapters:

  • Apache Spark SQL
  • Azure Data Factory

Additionally, enhancements have been made to the following adapters:

  • SAP ERP R/3 and S/4HANA – includes the ability to apply job last run capability to SAP jobs as well as the ability to use the SAP job name instead of the Tidal job name.
  • Kubernetes – incorporates fixes based on customer feedback.
  • MSSQL Database – supports additional SSIS data types, multi-server queries and kerberos authentication.
  • Web Services, ServiceNow and Airflow – include proxy support.

Our next launch will be in July of 2022.