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2021 Winter Launch Announcement


April 7, 2021


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New Features & Enhancements for the Tidal Platform

We’re pleased to announce our 2021 Winter launch, packed with enhancements to Tidal Automation, Explorer and Repository as well as the introduction of new integrations. Download the announcement (PDF) or read about key highlights below.

Tidal Automation 6.5.7

  • Graphical View Improvements – We continue to build out functionality in our powerful graphical visualizations. A wide variety of charts and diagrams – PERT, Gantt, Kanban, Critical Path and more – answer questions from different business and workflow perspectives.
  • SLA Enhancements – New functionality improves the ability to track performance against SLAs. Users can trigger SLA Events when a job run does not complete within the risk or breach time windows. Additionally, SLA historical data can be saved and viewed within the Tidal Automation database.
  • New Queue Activity Visualization – A Sankey diagram has been added to show the status of each queue and the number of active and waiting jobs within that queue.
  • GA for Dashboards – TA 6.5.6 offered a preview of the Dashboards that are now GA in 6.5.7. Dashboards are an effective reporting mechanism for stakeholders who need to see summary data for Job Activity and Queues. Tidal security policies determine who can create, edit or view Dashboards. TA 6.5.7 comes pre-configured with a default set of Dashboards that users can easily customize.
  • Agent Auto-Registration – This capability eliminates manual effort required for associating an agent with the Master. It’s particularly useful for dynamic resource management in cases where the agent resides on a transient server.
  • Security Improvements:
    • Policy Management – This functionality was introduced in 6.5.6, enabling administrators to define policies for who can name Jobs and Variables as well as rules for naming. In 6.5.7, these policies have been extended to include Calendars and Virtual Resources. These policies are important for maintaining standards and consistency across the organization.
    • Password Vault – This integration with HashiCorp enables Tidal to use a centralized location for accessing required application passwords. Tidal goes to the vault each time it needs a password and does not store it beyond the transaction. This alleviates security team concerns about our platform holding passwords and supports enterprise security policies. Integration with other vaults will be added in future releases.

Tidal Explorer 3.0.5

Explorer provides deep-dive diagnostics and visualizations of the Tidal environment so users can optimize resources, operational performance and service levels. This release includes enhanced SLA Analysis so users can run deeper analytics for SLA compliance results.

Tidal Repository 1.3

We continue to invest in Tidal Repository as a key tool for centralized management of workload automation schedules and calendars. Enhancements in this version of the Repository include:

  • The ability to maintain a live connection so that when updates are made to a Tidal instance, the changes come back automatically to Tidal Repository.
  • Support for moving an expanded set of data elements. These new elements mirror element types in Tidal Automation, such as Dashboards, Queues, SLA Policies, etc.
  • Improvements to performance and to the UI to make the tool easier to use.


Tidal offers a comprehensive set of ready-to-run integrations and we continue to add adapters to support critical enterprise applications. Tidal Automation Adapters take control of embedded schedulers within applications so that those activities can be integrated into overall business processes – and users can leverage more robust scheduling functionality in the Tidal platform than what is available in embedded schedulers.

This 2021 Winter Launch includes new Tidal Automation Adapters for:

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Azure
  • Azure Blob Storage

Stay tuned for our next launch in July. Contact [email protected] to learn more.