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Automate and optimize containerization initiatives

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Centralize management and control of Kubernetes processes

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Optimize container resource utilization with automation

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Integrate container activities within overall business processes

Automate Container Activities

Tidal’s adapter for Kubernetes enables you to centralize automation for containerization initiatives. The adapter works through the Kubernetes API to take control of the embedded scheduler activities and integrate them in overall business processes.

As you operationalize new applications and microservices with Kubernetes, our adapter provides the mechanism for initiating application processes embedded in containers and pods and automating Kubernetes jobs. For example, use Tidal to spin up containers and pods and take them down so they are running when – and only when – they are needed so you can optimize resources and reduce costs.

Our adapter for Kubernetes supports the version available from as well as additional versions:

  • OpenShift
  • OKE
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google

How It Works

Our adapter for Kubernetes runs as part of the Tidal instance. It works through the Kubernetes API to take control of the scheduling activities.

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Scheduling Kubernetes Activities in Tidal With Agents

In addition to our adapter for Kubernetes, Tidal also offers a couple of approaches with our agents.
Use our Linux agent container to quickly build containers for your applications with a Tidal agent already embedded inside. When the container is created, the agent will auto-register with the Tidal Master and operate as a delegate to run jobs and report status back to the Master.

Alternatively, place a Tidal agent in your container to operate as the delegate and execute the jobs locally on behalf of the Master.

Tidal can orchestrate Kubernetes workflows whether they're running on-prem or in the cloud.

Kubernetes Adapter


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