Big Data Pipeline Cloud

Adapter for Google BigQuery

Integrate and automate enterprise data processes

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Process the right data at the right time and get it to the right place

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Manage data and database dependencies within business processes

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Automate job sequencing based on data readiness

Automate Enterprise Data Processes

Google BigQuery is a powerful serverless multi-cloud data warehouse that enables enterprise data analysis. Running queries and generating reports or data sets are important steps in data analytics processes. Google BigQuery only offers basic capabilities for on-demand or batch queries, and scheduled queries require coding in standard SQL. With our adapter for Google BigQuery, you can apply more advanced scheduling capabilities to your queries and results – no coding or scripting required. Integrate your Google BigQuery data with other enterprise data and locations for precise sequencing and synchronization of tasks to execute processes with timely, accurate results.

Through the integration, you can use jobs in Tidal to:

  • Run BigQuery machine learning models on your data
  • Orchestrate multi-cloud data analysis
  • Perform interactive data analysis with the Google BigQuery BI engine
  • Automate delivery of data to the right place at the right time – manipulate, copy and move it across systems
  • Run queries and generate results, and use those events to trigger other activities in your schedule

Comprehensive logging in Tidal enables you to satisfy audit and regulatory requirements by demonstrating you have established controls in place for tracking what has happened with data and who has made changes.