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Big Data Pipeline Cloud

Azure Data Factory Adapter

Optimize job scheduling for data integration and migration processes

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Define, launch and monitor ETL and ELT pipeline activities

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Integrate Azure Data Factory workflows into overall business processes

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to data pipelines

Scheduling for Azure

The native Azure scheduler (Azure Logic Apps) has very basic scheduling functionality and can only manage jobs within the boundaries of Azure solutions. With our adapter for Azure Data Factory (ADF), Tidal replaces the Azure scheduler so you can manage ADF tasks centrally within your cross-application business processes and apply more advanced scheduling functionality than the native scheduler provides.

Automate Data Pipelines

Our integration for ADF provides advanced capabilities for data management and movement across the enterprise. It supports the delivery of business-critical data to the right place at the right time.

  • Construct ETL and ELT pipelines
  • Ingest, prepare and transform enterprise data at scale
  • Define cross-application dependencies and triggers for ADF data
  • Move beyond basic scheduling for data pipelines

ADF Integration

In this brief video, get an overview of our adapter for Azure Data Factory (ADF) and see a brief demo of how the integration optimizes data management and movement for ADF pipelines.

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