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2022 Summer Launch Announcement


August 10, 2022


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New Features & Enhancements for the Tidal Platform

We just completed our Summer launch with new features and enhancements for Tidal Automation, Explorer and Repository as well as additions to our portfolio of integrations. Download the announcement (PDF) or read about key highlights below.

Tidal Automation 6.5.11

SLA monitoring has been added to the Dashboards as part of our ongoing expansion of Dashboard capabilities to increase self-service for applications, operations and business teams.

Scheduling enhancements have been added for:

  • Job and Job Group
  • defer a job/job group until normal
  • defer until complete
  • use “unrecoverable” as a job run status
  • plus, a new requirement that when a job has been inserted into the schedule, it must be released by the operator
  • Job Event
  • Job Dependencies
  • Job Run
  • Orphaned Jobs – recovery
  • Terminator Jobs – configurable defaults
  • Inactive Adapters – pending actions

Other improvements include:

  • Object Copies – update Create Date
  • System Events – when adapters and agent connections are restored
  • TLS v1.3 Support for Client Manager
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication for Email and ServiceNow
  • Digital Signatures (Windows)

Tidal Explorer 3.1.3

TE 3.1.3 focuses on job run analysis and critical path analysis, offering the ability to dive deeper into historical information to expose trends over time.

  • Job Run Analysis/Job State Transition Timings – analyze job runs over time in a graphical view to see patterns of behavior and job runtime performance (e.g., how long a job waited to run, when a job launched, how long it took to run).
  • Job Run Gantt – provides Critical Path Analysis (CPA) based on actual historical job run data. Identify the Critical Path chains in your schedule and the jobs that contribute the most time to those chains. These jobs are potential targets for performance optimization.

Enhancements have been made to the Explorer Service (which sits between the Explorer Client and Client Manager in the Master), including an improved initialization process to reduce time for startup in Windows.

Tidal Repository 1.7

TR 1.7 delivers many enhancements based on customer requests and our objective to replace Transporter with Repository.

With this release, you’ll experience improved searching and sorting for Workspaces, Repositories and Pipelines.

TR 1.7 includes UI improvements, adding the ability to:

  • get a count of selected elements
  • compare objects side-by-side
  • ignore broken dependencies
  • filter by group name – filter large schedules by group name or other elements
  • count uncommitted changes – see how many changes have yet to be committed to Repository
  • filter pipeline by category – zero in on elements you need in very large schedules

There are improvements to error handling and messages as well as added flexibility in how you can respond to errors – pause and correct errors immediately or log the error for follow up later.

Bulk editing capabilities have been expanded.

You can now make custom annotations to schedules – including timestamps – to keep notes on work in progress, track change orders, etc.

*Support for Transporter has been extended to 12/31/2023. Transporter will not be supported with TA 6.7 which is slated for 1Q23. Future releases of Repository will focus on:

  • improving the UI
  • replicating the import/export capabilities in Transporter
  • managing large schedules and a large numbers of users

APM Data Stream 2.2

APM Data Stream is used to collect operational analytics from Tidal. The 2.2 release reflects the continuing expansion of the set of Master data Tidal is able to track for analysis. New documentation as well as examples of how to use APM Data Stream are coming soon.

In this release, support has been added for Terminator and File Watcher jobs.

Integration has been improved with Kafka and Kafka SASL Authentication mechanisms – Plain, SCRAM, GSSAPI (Kerberos).

SLA notifications have been added for:

  • final SLA status and SLA duration upon job completion
  • any time the command to “Terminate” a job is issued manually from UI or API
  • when Job Last Run status is modified


New Integrations: 

  • Adapter for Google BigQuery (Google Cloud Warehouse) – the first in our set of planned adapters for Google.
  • Oracle Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management), Oracle’s cloud solution that connects human resources processes across the enterprise – integration with HCM will be added to our existing adapter for Oracle Cloud ERP.
  • SAP IS-U, a process-oriented application for the utilities industry – integration with SAP IS-U will be incorporated into our adapter for SAP ERP R/3 & S/4HANA.

Enhanced Integrations: 

  • JMS – more message header information within JMS. Additional enhancements will be coming in the 2022 Fall release.
  • ServiceNow – improved operation with OAuth 2.0 and ACL management, ServiceNow’s authentication and access control mechanisms.
  • Web Services – better control for orphaned jobs – jobs that are incomplete but have stopped running. (TA 6.5.11 plus the enhanced Web Services adapter are required to take advantage of this enhancement.)

Other Important Updates

Third-Party CVEs Addressed in the 2022 Summer Release:

Tidal remediates identified and verified vulnerabilities in our own software as well as embedded third-party and open-source libraries. The Summer Release includes remediations across our platform and integrations. A full list of year-to-date CVEs and our remediations will be published with our release documentation.

Our next launch will be in November of 2022.