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2021 Summer Launch Announcement


August 2, 2021


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New Features & Enhancements for the Tidal Platform

We just completed our second launch of the year with new features and enhancements for Tidal Automation, Explorer and Repository as well as the introduction of new integrations. Download the announcement (PDF) or read about key highlights below.

Tidal Automation 6.5.8

  • Graphical View Improvements – We continue to build out functionality in our powerful graphical visualizations. A new Grouping Diagram enables users to view multiple job groups and drill down to view jobs in a group and their dependencies. The PERT and Critical Path diagrams have improved SLA monitoring capabilities as well.
  • Dashboards – Dashboards reflect a new, more modern UI and are an effective reporting mechanism for stakeholders who need to see summary data. New data types have been added for Alerts, SLA Policy and SLA History (in addition to existing data types of Job Activity and Queue Activity). SLA monitoring has been improved with Alert Tracking and Line Graph enhancements. Users now have the ability to create multiple Dashboard pages.
  • FTP Query Builder – A new Command Builder button has been added for FTP job definitions using M-GET or M-PUT. It enables users to define multi-step operations as a single job and incorporates a variety of actions for files (e.g., zip/unzip, rename, copy, add/exclude and more).
  • PostgreSQL – Tidal now supports PostgreSQL as a backend database for TA 6.5.8.
  • New Scheduling Constructs
    • Job state/exit code – The Status field has been updated to Status/State and new options have been included in the dropdown menu so users can better track what is happening with a job. Also, the ability to use the Exit Code as a condition for dependency has been added.
    • Calendar offsets – The offset range has been expanded from 31 to 365 days.
    • API query conditions – This capability provides a new way to use the API to make queries against the cache inside the Client Manager and filter selections.
  • Security Improvements:
    • Policy Management – This functionality enables administrators to define policies for who can name objects as well as rules for naming. In 6.5.8, these policies have been extended to include Tags and SLA Policies (in addition to existing policy management for the objects of Jobs, Variables, Description, Calendars, Connections and Virtual Resources).
    • Token Management – A new UI is available to generate and manage tokens.
    • Multi-domain authentication – Improved ability to manage authentication in multi-directory enterprise environments.
    • Password Vault – A new configuration parameter enables storing of tokens in both the Password Vault and Tidal Automation database. (Hashicorp is supported today; Cyberark and Thycotic support is planned for the future.)

Tidal Explorer 3.0.5

Explorer provides deep-dive diagnostics and visualizations of the Tidal environment so users can optimize resources, operational performance and service levels. This release includes:

  • Improvements to Gantt view for SLA tracking.
  • Support for PostgreSQL database.
  • Explorer Service can now be hosted on Linux (Ubuntu and Centos versions).
  • Streamlined process for installing Explorer on Windows.
  • Ability to designate where to store data from Explorer.

Tidal Repository 1.3

We continue to invest in Tidal Repository as a key tool for centralized management of workload automation schedules and calendars. Enhancements in this version of the Repository include:

  • Promotion policies – Repository has its own policy management functions so users can define policies for promoting schedule changes and ensure certain criteria is met before a schedule is pushed to a Tidal instance. The administrator can set as many policies as needed.
  • Connections – Set up and management of Repository connections from Repository to the different Tidal instances has been streamlined.
  • Support for PostgreSQL database as backend database for Repository.


Tidal offers a comprehensive set of ready-to-run integrations and we continue to add adapters to support critical enterprise applications.

The following Tidal Automation Adapters were previously announced in our Winter launch and are now available:

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  • SAP Financial Closing Cockpit
  • Azure Blob Storage

These new adapters will be available for download soon:

  • Azure – similar to the Tidal adapter for AWS for compute management
  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud
  • Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud
  • SAP Process Orchestration
  • Salesforce

Enhancements have been made to the following adapters:

  • Database Adapters – ability to save query output to a file and other refinements
  • Apache Airflow
  • Kubernetes
  • ServiceNow

Adapter compatibility has been verified for:

  • SAP Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA BW (Java)

Stay tuned for our next launch in November. Contact [email protected] to learn more.