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Tidal SaaS Model

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Many organizations are embracing a SaaS-first strategy, with some going as far as SaaS-only, because of the significant benefits of SaaS models. These benefits hold true for the Tidal SaaS offering as well:

  • Reduces the investment required for infrastructure to support your Tidal environment
  • Lowers the need for coordinating services from other IT teams for maintaining servers, databases and more
  • Relieves the burden of your own staffing requirements for round-the-clock monitoring and support for Tidal operations
  • Ensures best-in-class security tools and practices through a leading cloud provider
  • Enables you to get started more quickly with no need to purchase infrastructure and set up a Tidal environment
  • Supports smaller scale scheduling needs that don’t justify an on-prem Tidal solution – and easily scales up as needed
  • Provides access to the latest releases with new features and functionality without the need to coordinate your own upgrade cycles

The Tidal SaaS model will offer the same features, functionality, integrations and tools as our on-prem solution.

Flexible Options



Which cloud provider are you using for the Tidal SaaS offering?

We have selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for our SaaS environment because it best aligned with our technical, performance, SLA and budgetary requirements.


When will the Tidal SaaS model be available?

The initial release of our SaaS offering is slated for the Fall of 2022. This MVP will be in a single OCI region and will be Tidal Automation 6.5.10. Additional releases will launch in phases to match the capabilities of the current Tidal on-prem offering.


Who maintains the jobs and schedules in the SaaS model?

Customers will be responsible for Tidal administration, scheduling and monitoring tasks. Tidal is responsible for maintaining the cloud infrastructure supporting the customer’s Tidal SaaS instances.


What will the update cycle look like for Tidal SaaS? Can customers choose their own update cycle?

We recognize that customers don’t want to be surprised with a Tidal update during critical processing. Customers will be notified when an update is available and will be able to select a time window for making the update.


Will the Tidal SaaS model be less expensive than the on-prem alternative?

Tidal SaaS pricing will be more expensive than purchasing a license to run Tidal in your environment. However, if you consider the costs of on-prem infrastructure and staffing for maintaining it, SaaS pricing will likely be cheaper.


Will all current Tidal integrations be supported in the SaaS model?

Yes, we plan to support all of our integrations in the SaaS offering. But that will happen over time as we are taking a phased approach to building out these integrations for SaaS.