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Adapter for Oracle Cloud ERP

Optimize scheduling for ERP activities

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Integrate ERP scheduling activities in overall business processes

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Apply advanced scheduling functionality to ERP tasks

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Meet SLAs for business-critical processes

Optimize ERP Scheduling

Tidal’s pre-built adapter for Oracle Cloud ERP integrates your ERP scheduling tasks in the Tidal platform with no scripting required. The adapter connects with the Oracle embedded scheduler and Oracle Cloud ERP Integrations Services.

Our adapter works through Oracle’s API to take control of the activities in the embedded ERP scheduler. These scheduling tasks are then seamlessly managed in Tidal with more advanced scheduling functionality than what’s available in the native scheduler.

Automate time-based scheduling across global time zones

Define SLA policies and manage performance against SLAs

Leverage dozens of business and regional calendars out-of-the-box

Build dependencies with other application workflows or tasks

Use event-based automation in your schedules

Execute file transfers between Oracle Cloud ERP and other applications

Bulk Data Movement

Through the connection to Oracle Cloud ERP Integration Services, the adapter enables the Tidal platform to execute bulk data movement (import and export) with the Oracle Cloud ERP. Provide input files to be processed by the ERP and retrieve results files to use with other applications in your environment.

Self-service for Business Users

As ERP scheduling tasks are delegated to business users, you can apply role-based access controls to grant privileges to just the capabilities they need and limit the parts of the schedule they are able to view and change. Tidal’s logging maintains a record of user actions and demonstrates you have the controls in place for critical systems to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.